Information for everyone

Demystifying the world of factory data

Easy to Configure

Configuration of our worker devices is very easy, and only takes about a minute to set up. You can even configure your devices immediately after placing your order – you’re all good to go by the time it arrives


Homogenous data collection

We offer a simple device you can easily plug into and configure with any PLC. All data from each PLC is transferred to a universal format so machines data can be interpreted, and machines can automatically communicate with one another. No more hassle with different files, formats and systems! Our devices support many different PLCs, and made to maximize scalability.



A product is never alone, obviously, you will want to integrate our software and hardware in your current company setup. Therefore, we’ve made integration of our system with external software as easy as possible. Simply combine our devices and software with other industry standard systems. You can also connect your own dashboarding software, such as Power BI or QlikView.


Analyse your data

Get valuable insights into your data using our fully customizable dashboarding tools. Personally customized dashboards allow everyone in your company to see and analyse the data that is important to them. Real time data streaming ensures you’re always up to date

Improved efficiency

Work smarter, not harder

Our data analysis tools let you get instant updates about machine efficiency or issues. View your company’s performance, availability and quality in real time. You can also automate machine responses based on other machine data, giving you and your employees more time for important tasks.


Go Big

Our Worker devices are team workers by design! Once more workers are installen in a factory, they can work together as one. By using clustering, load balancing, and other techniques the devices are able to perform as a high available system that can process a lot of data.